Axle Repair

Your vehicle’s axles are vital to keeping you safe on the road.

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Axle Repair

Power from your car’s engine and torque from the transmission are both sent to the axles. The front and rear axles then play an important role in turning the wheels. Like other systems in your vehicle, the axles should receive periodic maintenance services. However, many factors can result in axle damage and the need for repair work. For example, hitting curbs, taking speed bumps too fast, overloading the vehicle and more can result in damage. Our mechanics are available to complete an inspection and can tell you if axle repair work is needed.

Signs That Axle Repair Is Needed

When you drive, you may observe several concerning signs when the axles are damaged. For example, you may feel as though the vehicle is straining to gain forward momentum. You could also notice a clunking sound, a bumpy motion or sputtering. Poor wheel alignment, leaking grease and issues with braking are other concerning signs to look for. These issues can affect your vehicle’s handling and movement, so they can negatively affect your ability to drive safely.

Experienced Mechanics for Quality Axle Repair Service

While your car’s front and rear axles are designed to withstand tremendous wear over the years, repair issues can develop. Some of the signs of a bad axle could indicate other types of vehicle damage, so the first step to repairing your vehicle is to complete a thorough inspection. Our experienced mechanics will thoroughly and efficiently inspect your car upfront to determine if the axles or other vehicle components are causing the problem. With our team’s expertise and access to high-quality technologies and equipment, we will get your car back on the road in great shape soon.

Schedule Axle Repair Service Near You

Have you observed signs that axle repair work is needed on your vehicle? With your vehicle’s condition and your personal safety on the road at stake, it is important to schedule an inspection and axle repair service with us soon. We are ready to set up an appointment for the professional care that your car needs, so contact us for assistance today.

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