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At Broadway Gas, we provide new tires to customers in Cambridge, MA, and surrounding areas.

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Tire Sales & Service

What We Do in a Tire Service

Maintaining your car’s tires is a critical part of responsible vehicle ownership, but it is easy to overlook their service needs until a problem arises. You should not wait to get a flat or face other issues to schedule a tire service with us. During a service, our skilled technicians will check the condition of the tire walls and inspect the depth of the tread. We’lll also rotate the tires and check the air pressure. In addition to providing quality tire maintenance services, we are your trusted source for new tire sales and installation. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, you can feel confident that we will have your vehicle back on the road promptly.

The Benefits of Regular Tire Services

Why would you schedule a tire service near you today? One of the many benefits of doing so is the ability to save money. Both fuel economy and the need for preventable repairs can be impacted when your tires are not serviced regularly. Keep in mind that your tires’ condition affects other major vehicle systems, such as the brakes, the suspension system and more. Tire condition also impacts the vehicle’s responsiveness, handling and braking. When these aspects of your driving experience are impaired, your ability to drive safely is also impacted.

Schedule Tire Service Near You Today

When was the last time you scheduled a tire service at an auto shop near you? Tires should be serviced every few months by a trusted team of professionals. They may also require prompt attention in between services if the tire pressure monitoring service light is illuminated on the dashboard. Given the importance of tire service, you cannot allow just anyone to care for your vehicle. Our team is ready to complete quality service so that you can save money, enjoy an improved driving experience and drive safely. To schedule a tire service in the local area today, contact click schedule service.

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You’re in luck! You can easily search our tire inventory online through TireTutor. We carry an extensive selection of tires for all cars. All season, winter, performance, premium brands, you name it and we have it.